At some point of time, everyone wants to have a long-term serious relationship, but if we had had multiple relationships in the past and that too for short span of time, we forget the rules to have a serious relationship. There are top 10 rules that everyone who wants to have a serious relationship, must follow:

First steps to Serious Relationship in India

1. Be Honest: The first thing to get a serious relationship is to be honest always and all the times. Do not bluff or be dishonest when you want your date to turn into a serious relationship.

2. Give your best to find a partner: To get a date immediately after breakup never works for a serious relationship. Like a project, finding the best partner for you is also a task and you should do it with full diligence and give your full energy and time to it.

3. Do not date multiple persons at the same time: If you want your partner to be honest to you, then you should also be honest to him/her and date only one person at a time.

4. Do not rush: It is suggested to take the path of a serious relationship in a slow pace, do not rush. Be slow and steady in this path and try to understand the mindset of the other person.

5. Never force yourself: Do not force yourself to make this relationship a serious one, if things are not smooth then let it go.

6. Make your expectation clear to your partner: Do not keep your partner in some hallucination, give him/her the right picture of you and your expectation from the relationship.

7. Never create any communication gap: Communication gap is the biggest reason for the failure of any relationship, so never do that.

8. Meet often: Try to meet at least once a week on a coffee, movie, or shopping date.

9. Exchange emails and texts: Start exchanging emails and/or texts as soon as after the first date.

10. Express your feelings: Do not suppress your feelings ever, whether they are of anger or love express them but at the right time.