Dating - a professional term of being with someone as spouse or partner. Gone are the days when people stick to a relationship before dating anybody. There are various advantages of dating someone before committing to a serious relationship and some of them are:
Being in love is one of the best feelings and everyone wants that. We all want that special one in our life whom we should be with in all ups and downs of life. We all need that one person who stays by us and loves us just for who we are, but have you ever thought that why sometimes it becomes so difficult for a single person to get a love of his/her life? Or what mistakes a single person makes while looking for a relationship that keeps him/her single for a longer period of time?
At some point of time, everyone wants to have a long-term serious relationship, but if we had had multiple relationships in the past and that too for short span of time, we forget the rules to have a serious relationship.


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