Happy user love stories

Asha and Girish
Right place and time
Despite the fact we both were studying at the same university, we never had the opportunity to meet each other. It was while I was attending a boring lecture on Accounting, I got the notification on my ZooZee mobile app... He surprised me with a message: “Where are you now?” I checked his location and saw it was somewhere nearby. I didn’t know where exactly he was, but answered: “You should see me, I’m standing right next to you…” I guess then he was wondering which one I was? Finally, he understood that I’m joking. Then he offered to meet in front of the same (!!!) Business School I was studying at, and trying not to fall asleep in the classroom. I asked one of my classmates to join me for this first short meeting during a break. Maybe it was uncomfortable, but I felt safe enough. We were chatting and laughing a lot. I could not believe that so suddenly I have met my soulmate. Next time we went to the cinema and realised that we both are Bollywood fans and have seen almost all the latest movies. And it was a huge topic of discussion, which we still continue... Thanks for connecting us!

Student dating

Zara and Hiran met thanks to friends recommendation

I never specifically met people on the internet, but my friends suggested me to register on zoozee.in. Guys always visited my profile, so when Hiran wrote to me I wasn't expecting much from our communication, but he always was very polite and cheerful, so I agreed to meet. For a couple of hours, we just walked around and chatted. I felt very comfortable talking to him, there was a feeling like I had known him all my life. We have now created a special bond between us thanks to Zoozee and I have a great feeling about our future!

Happy love story

Dating under an umbrella...

We had been chatting for a while on Zoozee, have had several interesting conversations on the mobile app, but could not arrange our meeting because of work duties and different other occasions.

That day, when we finally met, it was raining heavily, but we could not stop walking in the rain. We both forgot to take an umbrella, so he quickly bought one from a street shop. Honestly, we didn't care much about getting wet, but he just wanted to take care of me. We felt like all the city belongs only to us. We even danced under a tree. That rain was like a blessing for us.

I would recommend to never give up and believe that your true love is waiting for you. Therefore, sooner or later you will meet that special person.
Dating under umbrella

Shotheesh and Shilpa
How to choose right dress?

I was invited to help her choose a nice dress. Only later I found out that it was some kind of exam for me... She decided to test my taste. And most probably I did not pass that exam regarding her expectations but it was funny experience and unexpected beginning for new relationship. 

First of all, I have never helped to any women in choosing clothes before, even my mum. And even could never even imagine dating like this. Usually, on a date, I meet over coffee to get to know the other person. But when I asked Shilpa for a date she insisted, that she urgently needs to buy some stuff in a shop and I can join her. It was some kind of trick.  Not sure how useful my comments and recommendations were, but I felt like I want to have a second date with her. To my surprise, Shilpa admitted that still don't know anything about my taste for clothes, as she could not even remember what she was showing to me, but she really liked my taste of humour. 

Actually, her sister was watching us as she was a shop assistant in that store...
Dating in the shop