Terms of Use

General terms of use for the zoozee.in dating portal

General information

(1) Upon signing up for the zoozee.in dating portal, the user shall agree to the following general terms of use (here in after in this called – "Terms"). The user shall agree to observe the said terms.
(2) The owners of the zoozee.in dating portal shall retain the right to amend Terms at any time. Information about amendments to Terms and the schedule for implementation of same shall be distributed to users via internal mail and/or to the user’s stated E-mail address. Unless the user has erased his or her profile from the zoozee.inportal until such time as amendments to Terms take effect, it shall be held that the relevant user has automatically agreed to the said amendments.
(3) Terms can be reviewed via the link “Terms of Use.”


(1) The zoozee.in dating portal is open to users, who are 18 years old or older. Should it be determined that a user is younger than 18, the relevant profile will be eliminated without warning.
(2) Registration on the zoozee.in dating portal is free of charge.
(3) There are additional functions on the zoozee.in dating portal which are fee-based services.
(4) No individual shall have more than one registered profile. Where a user wants to establish a new profile, any and all old profiles of the said user shall be erased.

Obligations of the user

(1) Users shall only state true information in their profiles and shall not post any misleading information.
(2) Users of the zoozee.in dating portal shall respect one another when communicating on the portal. Particularly banned on the zoozee.in dating portal are activities which are aimed at:

  • Offending or disrespecting another user;
  • Calling for violence;
  • Use of weapons;
  • Any illegal activity;
  • Downloading of computer viruses or other harmful software;
  • Sending of SPAM or chain letters;
  • Paedophilic activities;
  • Fomenting of racial hatred or any discriminatory statements;
  • Pretending to be the administrator of the zoozee.in dating portal;
  • Dissemination of E-mail addresses, phone and/or fax numbers and addresses;
  • Dissemination of copyrighted materials;
  • Advertising of other homepages, products or services without the express authorisation of the zoozee.in dating portal.

Users who ignore and/or violate the said prohibitions may have their profiles erased without any warning.

(3) Users of the zoozee.in dating portal shall be responsible for any information which they post on the portal or send to other users of the portal.
(4) In posting any type of information, images or video materials on the zoozee.in portal, users shall agree to the publication of the said materials on the zoozee.in portal and confirm that the right to publish such information rests with the relevant user.
(5) Should a user find that the rules are being violated, he or she must immediately report the violation to the zoozee.in portal.
(6) Users of the zoozee.in portal shall not offer sexual services on the portal, particularly in terms of posting ads related to sexual services in which such services are offered to other users in return for payment or compensation.
(7) Upon registering on the zoozee.in portal, users shall select and enter a password. Users shall keep the password secret and not disclose it to others. The password used to access the zoozee.in portal shall not be transferred to third parties, and the portal shall never ask users to disclose their passwords. Users are asked to use passwords that are sufficiently secure, and users themselves shall be responsible for the security of the password.
(8) Users shall use no tools, software or other resources which automate processes. In particular, users shall not use “bots” or scripts which ensure advantages in meeting others via the zoozee.in portal or in any way harming the zoozee.in portal.
(9) Should a user find a software or Internet-based mistake on the zoozee.in, portal, he or she must immediately report the mistake to the portal and make no use of it to provide benefits for himself or herself.

Rules related to photographs and galleries

(1) The poster of photographs shall be exclusively responsible for them.
(2) Users must confirm that photographs show their own face. No image shall be older than two years old.
(3) No photographs shall be posted which:

  • Show persons under the age of 18;
  • Do not show the user’s face clearly;
  • Show animals, scenes of nature, drawings, or other images which do not depict the user’s face;
  • Show celebrities or other people;
  • Are movable photographs;
  • Show nudity;
  • Are from the user’s childhood;
  • Depict violence.

Should any such photograph be posted on the portal, it shall immediately be erased without warning. Should a user violate these terms repeatedly, his or her profile may be erased from the portal without warning. These rules are essentially based on the protection of users themselves.

(4) The profile photograph of a user must show only the user. Should others be seen in the photograph, the express authorisation of such persons must be obtained before the image is posted. When downloading or publishing an image in which other persons can be seen, the user shall confirm that all persons seen in the image have given express agreement to the publication of the photograph.
(5) The zoozee.in portal shall reserve the right to process user images or to refuse to publish them.
(6) Upon posting a photograph, the user shall agree that the image shall be published on the zoozee.indating portal.

Rules concerning E-mail

(1) Users shall not engage in any activities that are listed under the section “Obligations of users.”

The rights and obligations of the zoozee.in portal

(1) The zoozee.in dating portal ensures the operations of the portal.
(2) The zoozee.in dating portal reserves the right to shut down operations without stating the reason for same.
(3) Should data in the zoozee.in dating portal disappear for software or other reasons, users shall have no right to demand the restoration of data. The zoozee.in dating portal retains full rights to decide on the volume of data and whether and to what extent data are to be restored.
(4) Should users fail to observe these regulations, the zoozee.in dating portal shall have the right to erase any user profile without warning or to limit the activities of the relevant user. 


(1) Any and all advertising not approved by the zoozee.in dating portal shall be banned. This particularly applies to advertising in the E-mail, chat system or photographs of the zoozee.in dating portal.

Protection of data

(1) SIA “Hansa Interactive” establishes and maintains the zoozee.in portal and processes all related data. All activities on the zoozee.in data shall be registered, and the registered data shall be preserved by the company for an unlimited period of time. The zoozee.in dating portal particularly focuses on protecting the personal data of users. Below are data which are registered while you are on the zoozee.in dating portal:

  • The name of downloaded data;
  • The user’s IP address;
  • The date and time of downloads;
  • The volume of transmitted data;
  • The Web browser;
  • General usage statistics related to the zoozee.in dating portal.


(1) The zoozee.in dating portal specifically wishes to point to the fact that other users of the zoozee.in dating portal can download photos and other content from the portal and disseminate it further. The zoozee.in dating portal cannot and does not take responsibility for such processes. The zoozee.in dating portal shall not take responsibility for any unlawful use by users of protected materials from the zoozee.in dating portal.
(2) All intellectual property rights related to the zoozee.in dating portal shall rest exclusively with the zoozee.in dating portal. Should these rights be violated, the relevant person shall be brought before justice and shall be fully liable for any and all losses caused in this regard to the zoozee.in dating portal.
(3) All disputes related to these regulations between the zoozee.in dating portal and the users of the zoozee.in dating portal shall be resolved via negotiation.

By registering on the dating site zoozee.in, the user agrees to all the above rules and is aware of the consequences of non-compliance. Any offender profile can be erased or blocked without any warning Be aware that zoozee.in will not issue any refunds for banned users who violated this terms of use.